True Things

October 17, 2021

Still kicking around. I'm finally taking a web design class so maybe I'll ramp this up a little bit.

This time last year, I was mourning the loss of one of the best cats in the whole world, Krita. RIP October 12, 2020.

Krita, a beautiful domestic
      long-hair cat with blue eyes and hints of Siamese

I started taking a Neil Gaiman MasterClass on writing - something else I have always wanted to do - and right away he caught me up with the best advice that I badly needed - need - to take. Be honest.

I think I learned early on that I was a burden, that nobody wanted to hear what I have to say, that I am in the way. So I don't share what I really think most of the time. You can't do that if you want to write.

So here is a bit of honesty. Much of the time, I feel I don't know much about anything. Which is not true! If I really look back at what I have done and accomplished and seen, it's not been a waste and I am worthy of the life I have gotten to live so far - and I am not done yet.

One big part of that though is, I do have a lot left to learn.